Deep U

Awareness-based Human Flourishing

Start your path of self discovery in our 3 day retreat. You will find a safe place, welcoming people and carefully selected methodologies to put you in the right direction towards your self realization.

Go deep within yourself,
into a transforming experience.

We will provide the perfect conditions and methodologies to help you stop, look inside yourself, discover your higher purpose and to flourish.

You will be more:

Aware of who you are and what's around you.
Experience a safe space for mindful observation and deep listening. Listening to others. Listening to yourself. And listening to what emerges from the collective.
Connected to your essence and creative energy.
Connect quickly and deeply to your inner depth, intuition and knowing by exploring and deepening the potential of your heart.
Motivated to bring your uniqueness to the world.
Bring your highest future potential — your Self and your Work — into the present by integrating thinking, feeling and action: mind, heart and will

Our tested methodologies

We’ve carefully selected experiences founded on cutting-edge awareness-based technologies led by some of the world’s greatest specialists in the fields of Mindfulness, Presencing and Heartfulness.

What others are saying

See what people that have participated at the retreat have to say about this unique and deep experience.

“The combination of Mindfulness, Heartfulness and Presencing as well a the great guidance of Vasco, and the support of the group, allowed each participant to connect quickly to inner depth, intuition and knowing.

It allowed openness and trust within the group so that each one could engage fully in the process, release and let go of obstacles and support each other into revealing and uncovering their qualities and highest potentials.”

Anne-Sophie Dubanton

“My intention is clearer. When I went to the retreat it was blurry. It was like an epiphany. I have been feeling that I interact with the world in a lighter and more intuitive way.”

Angela Papa

“I want to thank the beautiful gift these three days were. It was so important! Great program! I feel like repeating it several times per year to keep aligned.”

Elda Aguilar

“The retreat was a moment of reflection and contemplation. Its design allowed me to turn inside and tune body and mind, and to go even deeper, to where the heart finds and orientates the mind, to discover my inner wisdom. Vasco’s kind and compassionate facilitation supported my path during the three days, allowing to open my mind, heart and will. At the end of the three days a new futured emerged in me.”

Marco de Abreu

“It was one of the strongest experiences of my life, and I am 73 years old.”

Jean-Jacques Maurice

“The retreat was a wonderful voyage of reinvention of our humanity, an awakening of the senses, an open path to hope, deep communication and communion, as well as a vision of possible futures.”

Edite Tavares

“After this experience I've reconnected with myself and found peace inside me.”

Ângela Pires

“It was wonderful, very enriching in consciousness and clarity of who we are, where we are and where we are heading, and how we want to go for it.”

Anabela Garrido

Reserve your place

Deep U is an experiential program to help you be more aware, aligned and to flourish. In order for the group to be able to have a deep and exploring experience, attendance is by application only.

Please tell us what motivates you to participate.
Feel free to write in English or Portuguese.

Sold Out

March 2019

Mar 15, 16, 17

Centro Upaya, Lisbon

June 2019

Jun 28, 29, 30

Centro Upaya, Lisbon

October 2019

Oct 25, 26, 27

Centro Upaya, Lisbon

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